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3m Water Softener @9268887770 | 3m Water Softner

Overview & About 3m Fully Automatic Water Softener Price In India

In India, water quality parameters are something that is not checked regularly. To make things worse in many parts of India, we have hard water being supplied. The hardness is caused by bicarbonate particles with calcium and magnesium more than the permissible amount in many parts of India. People in India mostly take this for granted, but hard water usage causes long-term adverse impacts like hair loss, yellow teeth, stained clothes, and ruined appliances. To get rid of this, we have water softeners available by multiple manufacturers in India. The 3m water softener in India is one of the leading water softener manufacturers. In this article, let's talk about water softeners in India and how 3M India water softeners are priced in India.

What Do The Water Softeners Do?

The science behind a water softener is very simple, but a tool to implement that science is very complicated. In India, 3M water softner offers multiple options for home and office water softener solutions. In India, we mostly don't think about science, but we should first understand what is going behind the screen. In India, an abundance of calcium and magnesium in drinking water is the core problem in the hardening of water. Getting rid of them is all that we need but to do that we adopt a method called ion exchange. We swap calcium and magnesium molecules with sodium and potassium. Bicarbonate of these elements is not harmful to us, and they don't impact water quality. 3M India and others use an ion exchange resin and pass water through that to achieve it.

About 3M India water softeners

3M India manufactures two types of water softeners. One is for internal fitting in bathrooms and kitchens and is sleek looking water softeners as in India we prefer to have our appliances portable and good looking. Some of the 3M models in India also use new types of resins to exchange ions than the traditional resins. These models have a smaller capacity and small brine tanks. On the other hand, we have bigger ones who start from 30 liters to 60 liters. These have bigger inflow, outflow, large capacity brine tanks, and a much bigger resin tank. These 3M India models are fit for the whole family and small offices. All these models are fully automatic in India. The 3m fully automatic water softener price in India is decided based on the model and its capacity and technology used.


For us in India, water is an essential thing in our culture. We need water not only to drink and bathe but also to perform prayers to put God. Having a below-par quality hard water in India is not acceptable, and we must start looking for water softener solutions like 3M India is offering. In urban India, we have seen that many families are purchasing these Indian water softeners, but small towns and villages of India are still using the hard water for their day to day life. In India, we should understand the bottlenecks of using hard water sooner than later and switch to these affordable water softeners by 3M India.

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Frequently Asked Questions

3M water softener is a fully automatic water softener that offers the enough amount of soft water for by using ion exchange technology. When the water enters the inlet the resins captures all the hardness present in the water by capturing sodium, magnesium, and calcium.
The 3M water softener is a fully automated, low maintenance softener which surely softens the enough amount of water needed for your family. First, you have to analyze the desired amount of water required on a daily basis.
The 3M water softener price can differ as per decreasing or increasing the size and capacity of the system. You can find it in every size and price that everyone can buy it as per your needs and budget in India.
Mostly softened water is perfect to drink or use for every domestic purpose, but can create some health risks for people who are on a low sodium diet. The excess amount of hardness is neutralized by adding sodium into it.
It is also suggested to go for the water quality check before buying a water softener for home as the water quality is between 0-3 grains per gallon then your water is safe for drinking. The water between 3-7 gpg is moderately hard and can cause dry skin and harmful for dishes and kitchen appliances and need softened before use.

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