Bluebird Water Softener | Bluebird Water Softener Price

Bluebird Water Softener | Bluebird Water Softener Price

The Bluebird Water Softener: Best In The Business In India

Hard water is a major issue in India with most of the citizens receiving hard water as potable water. This is mostly happening in urban parts of India. Water becomes hard when it assimilates to minerals in higher quantities than what normally should in India. Hard water is insoluble and is not fit for drinking. In India and elsewhere in the world the process to bring back water to its normal state or soft state is called water softening. In a place like India where hygiene is not given priority, we should not ignore this problem. The bluebird water softener India is one of the best domestic water softener producers in India. Let us discuss in detail Indian water softeners specially Bluebird India and bluebird water softener prices in India.

In India Science Behind Water Softening

The two main ways to soften hard water are ion exchange and reverse osmosis are prevalent in India. There are other less used methods in India like distillation, lime-based softening, and using chelating agents or washing soda. The water purifier Industry of India mostly uses both reverse osmosis and ion exchange methods for household as it is a tried and tested way to soften hard water. The same is used for commercial purposes as well as in factories in India.

In the RO method water is pushed through a semi-permeable ion resin membrane with extensive pressure. This forces the water molecules to cross over to the other side leaving behind all the impurities which can be microscopically small.  In India in the ion exchange method, we ingest sodium and potassium ions which pushes our calcium and magnesium ions. The latter two are responsible for making water hard. The bluebird pure water softener price in India depends on which category of softener you are purchasing and in which part of India.

Features of Bluebird Water Softener

1. Cleaner & shinier Crockeries & Utensils.
2. Reduces consumption of detergent, soap, shampoo, etc.
3. Preserve the life of appliances for example Washing machines, Water Heater laundry equipment, etc.
4. Prevents Tap flush, Shower Head, Plumbing live from clogging because of deposition of calcium.
5. Soft and Clean skin.
6. Smooth and Shiny Hair.

Range of Domestic Water Softener by Bluebird India

The bluebird water softener price in India is decided based on the type of water softener. They are using the ion exchange method for implementing water softening solutions. For domestic use in India, we have multiple types of water softeners with different vessel diameters, vessel height, ion exchange resin quantity, inflow, outflow, maximum output capacity, operating pressure, and valve and port sizes in India. Each of these variants available in India is priced based on the above parameters. So, before you go to purchase a bluebird water softener in India make sure you know the variant you need and what budget you have. The automatic ones are more expensive in India.


The inverse impacts of using hard water for drinking is quite serious in India. You can start losing your hair, your teeth start showing yellow spots. All your clothes and household utensils including bathroom floors and fittings get ruined. Appliances like washing machines become jammed. If your locality or city in India has a hard water problem, please do not ignore the same and go for a water purifier with a water softening solution created by Bluebird India.  Water softeners can soften water hard up to 1000 ppm in India. So, without wasting time get one for your own household water purification system from Bluebird India.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The flow rate of the Bluebird water softener is different in both residential and industrial water softeners. The 5 GPM flow rate is considered as satisfactory for residential softeners. You can also buy a higher flow rate water softener but you also need a larger tank to store the amount of water.
Call any of the Bluebird customer care numbers to discuss the exact selling price of a Bluebird water softener. As you can also send a SMS or mail to the given customer care number and request the complete Bluebird water softener price list.
There are a complete range of Bluebird water softeners available in India and working successfully in all over the country. You have to choose the right one as per your water tank size and the budget.
To choose the best water softener price in India, you have to pick one of the other brands water softener and match the specifications and features added to them. Always choose the water softener that offers you enough soft water and comes under your budget.
The Bluebird water softeners are one of the best in the market that have all the desired features to produce the soft water. The bluebird water softeners are fully automatic in nature and have intelligent sensing technology.

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