Kent RO AMC @9268887770

Kent RO AMC @9268887770

Kent RO AMC: To Obtain Speedy Recovery Of RO

Kent RO AMC gives free, unlimited services to the consumers for the entire year. Kent records all the contact details and product details in their software by one customer ID, or the registered number. Eminence productivity from any machine depends on the machines of Kent to observe long-term repeat performance. Kent RO AMC provides machine maintenance without any hassle of paying out of budget. A manufacturer company like Kent provides the maintenance service as AMC to their buyers for their valuable products.

Kent AMC Plans gives the solution that cares about the complete maintenance of RO. AMC is good for the excellence of items for consumption and it also handles the complete course of action of its repair. Quality output from any machine of Kent depends on the machine's long-term replication performance. Machine maintenance is the solution to this value performance and helps in keeping the machine in its best condition for a longer period with the help of Kent AMC Plans.

Kent water purifier AMC Cost is very nominal and it is standard for all the locations. The spare parts of the Kent Company are also not very costly, the budgeted values of the company are making them successful. The user of Kent products found it pocket-friendly along with the good quality of the material used for manufacturing both the external and internal body. And the Kent water purifier AMC Cost is also really competitive.

Kent AMC Plans:-

AMC PlansPriceService FiltersMembraneElectrical PartsFaulty Parts
AMC Plan 1999.00YesNoNoNoNo
AMC Plan 22450.00YesYesNoNoNo
AMC Plan 32800.00YesNoYesNoNo
AMC Plan 44000.00YesYesYesNoNo
AMC Plan 55000.00YesYesYesYesNo
AMC Plan 66000.00YesYesYesYesYes

Terms & Conditions

  1. Three Periodical Services (On-demand),
  2. Any additional visit during AMC period by intimation,
  3. Contract Period:12 Months,
  4. Payment in favor of RO Care India,
  5. The price of AMC may be increased according to water purifier actual conditions and their uses,
  6. We use Genuine Spare Parts and equality to specifications.

The RO AMC charges vary from Rs 999 – Rs 6000. Plan 6 is the highest (Rs 6000), comes with the maintenance of each and every part. The AMC plans are the complete package for the maintenance of RO Water Purifiers.

How To Find Out The Kent RO AMC Charges?

Kent RO AMC Charges can be enquired by contacting them directly through any of the Kent helplines. They also provide quotations especially for corporate for all Kent products with very reasonable costing. With Kent RO AMC Charges, you can obtain satisfactory services throughout the entire year. The Kent service engineers take ownership of providing superlative services for residences and corporate too. You really don’t have to bother with after-sales services after buying Kent RO.

You can also opt for Kent Water Purifier AMC on buying the water purifier. It is called an extended warranty in the official language of Kent. When you buy any Kent product whether it is a water purifier or any other product, the company provides a warranty of one year. After that, it is very necessary to take Kent Water Purifier AMC to uphold the maintenance and rectify any issues arising.

If you compare Kent AMC Cost with any other AMC cost of another water purifier, you will find it on the higher side. And also it is important to look for the service quality of the service provider. If the vendor is not directly associated with the Kent Company, it may provide you a cheaper Kent AMC Cost but it is not as trustful and efficient as Kent original customer service

Their software captures all the details related to Kent RO AMC Renewal. Therefore, they contact you before the time for the renewal of Kent products. They attract their customers by providing ease with their products and services. The service engineer of Kent keeps on checking the TDS level of your water purifier at the time of servicing that provides a regular health benefit to its users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a long-term water purifier service plan termed as the annual maintenance plan to keep Kent water purifier safe. Finding verified and expert RO service professional makes easier with a range of Kent AMC plans that offer maintenance, repair, and up-gradation.
The Kent annual maintenance contract covers almost all spares and attachment, exhausted parts, and UV lamps. Further, the replacement of the major spares relies on the cost of the AMC plan and their brand warranty. In case of a complete RO service plan, you can get a complete replacement of the spares in case of any defects.
Kent water purifier AMC can lower the regular RO service, repair and maintenance bill and save your effort in comparing variable long-term service plans. RO AMC is one of the most praised extended duration water purifier service plans without minding the brand and model of purifier models. The water purifier can maximize its rate of purification and lower the utility bills.
Using online sources to find the Kent RO AMC plan make it easier to choose but when it comes to the best priced AMC plan, then get expert advice from customer care. Kent is always known for the best-priced service plan, whether short or long-term after-sales service plans.
At the authorized Kent RO service center, you will find secure and cost-effective ways to renew RO AMC plans. You can also self-renew Kent AMC plans by paying some prescribed fee via online modes after verifying the payment details.

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