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Water Softener @9268887770 | Best Water Softener in India

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How To Tackle The Problem Of Hard Water

Hard water is a significant issue in our country. In many parts, the water supplied is not fit to drink. This is quite prevalent in urban parts of our country where the civic amenities are under tremendous pressure due to overburdened infrastructure. Thanks to science & technology, we now have ways to soften hard water. Let us discuss the water softener and the best water softener in India.

Water Softener

A water softener is a device that converts your supply water into usable soft water. In many parts of our country, we see calcium and magnesium present in abundance to what should be in the water. To balance this out hard water softener injects sodium and potassium which initiates the ion exchange process. The best water softener in India uses high-quality ion exchange resin to perform this. The outcome has water with sodium and potassium alkaline instead of magnesium and calcium.

The water softener price depends on the quality of materials used and how effective the engineering design is. Better the quality of soft water generated. Earlier this was only possible in industrial-scale water softener plants, but now we have household water softeners. In the next section, we will discuss various types of household water softeners.

Water Softener For Home

There are various types of water softener for the home which are manufactured by multiple brands. We have water softeners for the kitchen, for washing machines, for bathrooms separately. We also have a water softener for the house that caters to all the purposes and is attached to the main water supply. The concept of whole house water softener India likes more than separate water softeners. This is a more cost-effective solution for domestic water softener as you invest one time, and you are covered.

These household water softeners prices have come down heavily in the past few years and are now quite affordable for many households. There are also some more costly water softeners available by various brands that can remove iron from the water because that is harder to do than calcium and magnesium. Good water softeners take a two-step approach to achieve the end goal. First, there is a combination of several smaller steps for the regeneration of water molecules. We have the more fundamental process of the ion exchange method, which is being highly optimized by the various manufacturers. More the function is optimized better is the quality of water generated.

Advantages of KENT Water Softeners

  • Easy Installation
  • Ion-Exchange Softening Technology
  • Automatic Regeneration
  • Compact and Space-Saving Design

Water Softener For Overhead Tanks

Getting a bigger and more robust water softener for tanks is a more cost-effective way of installing water softener systems. In our county, many housing societies that face hard water problems opt to install the water softeners in the overhead tanks. The price of overhead water tank compatible water softeners is much higher than inhouse water softeners. Bui among water softener for overhead tanks price does vary based on the output capacity of the device. Higher the output costlier is the device.

To keep these high duty water softeners up and running for a more extended period, we need regular maintenance and timely resins replacement. This makes sure that the quality of the water generated is retained up to the standards. In other words, just investing in purchasing a water softener is not enough; you have to invest in maintenance as well. Also, before purchasing such a high duty and costly water softener, one must do a fair bit of research on the best brands out there. Make sure the manufacturer not only has goodwill in the market based on the quality of their products. But also on the quality of after-sales service they provide.

Water Softener For Bathroom

We talked a lot on the high duty water softeners. But what if you own a home and you do not need prominent, costly water softeners. You should then look out for water softeners that specifically cater to limited requirements. Like water softener for the bathroom is a product which is very portable and small in size. A bathroom water softener is easy to install and maintain. They give a low output but are enough for the bathroom needs of a family. Given the purpose, we again have many options available in the market but make your move wisely based on the budget and the market review.

Water Softener For Washing Machine

Hard water may not seem to have enormous implications on our health in the short term, but they have a significant impact on our clothes. Washing clothes in hard water first is rugged as water does not allow soap to create foam. Even if you can wash it, then your clothes will start to show your yellow stains which will be irreversible. Here comes the role of water softener for washing machine. Again, this is a perfect product with easy maintainability for a limited and low output use in a household. A washing machine water softener is portable and installed next to your washing machine water intake.

Frequently Asked Questions

A water softener is basically manufactured to remove the waters hardness that includes the excess amount of calcium, magnesium, and lime through the ion exchange process. So, you can buy a hard water softener when you feel the access minerals in the water. One can also use a water softener for tanks when you want to save the life of your pipelines.
A water softener is sized based on the factors like the flow rate, dissolved minerals present in the water, and the tank size. Before the selection of the exact size of the water softener, you have to know the exact idea of water consumption. The water softener price also depends upon the size and model of the water softener model.
The water softener is the best way to make the water portable before its consumption. It can remove all the excess amounts of particles, hardness, and other impurities from the tap water. The best water softener in India is loaded with multiple filters and membranes that eradicate all the excess particles. For complete softening of hardness, the whole house water softener India is suggested.
The average life of a domestic water softener is more than 10-15 years when it should be appropriately maintained. So, maintain your water softener for a house to get extended years service in India. You can also find more than ten variants that fit either inside or outside the home. To get a water softener for overhead tanks price you can call our customer care number in your city.
If you feel less frothing in your bathroom tap, then a water softener for the bathroom is suggested for those customers. The bathroom water softener can be installed either inside or outside the space as per the available room. There are some places where people also experienced hardness in the water at the time of washing, and that affects the cleanliness. The washing machine water softener is effective for those types of places.

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